3 min readDec 5, 2020


WeNano Community Update: 05 DEC, 2020

Hi all!

We’re back again with another community update to once again say thank you and to give you some insights into what we’ve been seeing in the days since our last update.

So first, a couple of quick hits. We’ve seen great growth all over the world, but 3 countries have really stood out:

Venezuela was an early adopter of the app and as such has a great network of Spots that has resulted in some great stories of people having been able to exchange their Nano payouts for daily essentials.

Nigeria has seen similar levels of engagement and usage and we are seeing small payouts being used for daily expenses, such as phone and internet access!

Brazil has seen the latest big boom in not just Spot creation but also SpotChat engagement and WeNano Business creation. Localized publications are picking up on the excitement as well: cointelegraph.com.br

And of course, our worst-kept secret Easter egg has been the source of a lot of excitement. The ISS Spot has the most SpotChat activity from around the globe, and thanks to a few enthusiastic user campaigns, it’s also the Spot with the most donations! This is just one example of the type of dynamic Spots that we would like to play around with. Keep an eye out for other little experiments that might pop up.

We would also like to chime in with some tips based on some of the feedback we’ve been getting from our users:

1. Secure your seed! We cannot retrieve lost seeds for you. Your seed is both your WeNano account and your WeNano wallet. Secure it!

2. Teleporting to a chat lets you engage with users in that Spot’s area via SpotChat but it doesn’t qualify you for payouts from that Spot. In order to receive payouts you will still have to meet the proximity requirements and any other requirements laid out by the Spot creator.

3. Set up your Zone. Setting up your Zone gives other users and businesses a very general idea of where there are active users in the world. It encourages prospective Spot creators to set up Spots near you if they see a Zone that is lacking in Spots.

4. In SpotChats we have a “pinch to view” feature where you can do a two finger pinch on the chat to change focus between chat content and chat background. Chat backgrounds currently default to the Spot location on the map but they are customizable by the Spot owners.

Lastly, we wanted to drop some stats:

- Our total user count is right around 10k and growing.

- Of those, we see that about 50% are active.

- More than 2.5k Spots have been made since launch, which have done over 22,540 payouts, resulting in over 12,000 Nano being distributed around the world. All fast, all feeless, all eco friendly.

The platform’s growth shows no signs of slowing down and that’s in big part due to the amazing community we have backing us up. Let’s keep it going! Tell your friends and family. Walk them through the app and help them earn their first Nano. We’ll be here to help you help them.

Until the next update, adiós!

— WeNano Team