Introducing MoonPay to WeNano

We are very excited to announce that WeNano users can now buy Nano right within WeNano with MoonPay.

It is available for both Android and iOS today; you can purchase using a credit card or Apple Pay (iOS). Unfortunately, for the time being, MoonPay does not offer Nano for those in the US.

We strongly believe that allowing new users to quickly and easily buy their first batch of Nano is a feature that is essential for WeNano to succeed. Accordingly, we are very happy to now have this option in the hands of our users today!

A huge thanks to the Nano Foundation for helping us achieve this!

*MoonPay is a third-party service, and the process of buying Nano is solely an interaction between the user and MoonPay. WeNano is not responsible in any way for any problems or issues related to buying Nano with MoonPay.

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