Announcing WeNano Business for iOS and Android

5 min readAug 21, 2020


Rethinking Digital Money, for businesses

WeNano Business is a new app for businesses with a physical location. It is an app for businesses that want to promote themselves in a new and exciting way, which connects them with their customers like they haven’t done before.

WeNano Business integrates tightly with WeNano, the steadily growing social wallet for the digital currency Nano that we introduced earlier this year. Nano is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but with several improvements; In addition to being secure and decentralized, it is completely fee-less, instant, and environmentally friendly.

Why is this important, though? We believe that Nano, with its unique features, is the perfect replacement for physical cash. And with that, it opens up for some unique use cases we have already explored with our main app, and that we continue to innovate with, in our Business App. So let us go through the different features of the app, one by one.

Business and the Business Spot

One of the requirements we had was that it should not take more than a couple of minutes max to get started and have the business ready on the map. With WeNano Business, all you have to do is register with an email, set up your business by entering some basic info, and placing it on the correct location on a map.

With your business set up, so is your Business Spot. But what is a Spot? Spots are probably the most unique feature of WeNano. In WeNano, any user can set up a Spot anywhere in the world, and people at that location can get payouts from the Spot every day or every week. A Business Spot is quite similar, but instead of users setting it up, it connects to your business, and you can control some of its settings like the payout percentage or set the secret word the users need to enter to get a payout. It is a unique way for your business to draw customers inside their business, leading to an increase in sales. You can decide for yourselves how you want to let your customers know the secret word. On a poster, or you could tell it to them personally when they visit.

Receiving tips

As mentioned earlier, Nano works perfectly as digital cash. And tipping is one of the prominent use cases for digital cash. As soon as you have set up your business, WeNano users can send tips to your Spot. They can also add a short message to the tip. And if customers want to help your business attract new customers, they can do that by donating a significant amount to your Spot. By doing so, they increase the payout from the Spot as well.

The one thing to remember is that the business itself does not own the business Spot money, so any tip sent there is passed on to your customers.

If you want to give your customers the option of tipping you directly, you can easily do so by setting up a wallet.


WeNano Business also has basic wallet functionality for sending and receiving Nano. The wallet is non-custodial, meaning that only you can access it and that you are responsible for backing up the seed in a secure way. Logging in with the email and password you signed up with will not recover your seed, so it is extremely important that you have this backed up. Your seed, your money!

As soon as your wallet is set up, your customers can tip your business directly, in addition to tipping the Spot.

Setting up your wallet opens up for one additional feature we are excited about.


To attract new customers to your business, you can run a promotion. A promotion in WeNano is selling a limited number(1–100) of a single product or service in a short time frame(1–10 hours) and for a set price.

Users of WeNano close to your business will get a notification as soon as your promotions start. They can then sign up for the promotion, and they have 15 minutes to get to you and pay. When the user has bought into the promotion, you can scan their QR to verify the purchase.

We believe this can be an exciting way for businesses to reach out to both existing and new customers.

Below are a few screens showing how users of WeNano can interact with your business when it is set up.

Users can get payouts, tip and enter promotions(images from WeNano App)

To sum it up

One of our goals with WeNano Business is for it to be a new way for businesses to reach out to new customers. And work as a gateway for businesses into cryptocurrencies and Nano in particular. We understand that it is quite the leap for a business to suddenly begin accepting a new currency for all of their products and/or services, and perhaps they have to make an investment of some kind to get started, train the staff, etc. With this app, you are up and running within minutes!

We hope it can be an intro for businesses to see how a decentralized currency opens up for some new ways to interact with their customers, but perhaps most importantly, a way to save money. 2–4% savings on every transaction is a lot of money over a longer time frame.

We will remove the old-style shop icons within the next couple of weeks, so for those of you that already have their shop on the map right now, please download this app and add your business as soon as you can.

Finally, we want to add that this is an early version, and we are looking forward to both making improvements and adding some additional features soon.

To reach out to us, either send us an email at or contacting us on our discord. Any constructive feedback is welcome!

We look forward to seeing your business appear on the WeNano map!


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