No long-winded write up this time. We just released a new version for both iOS and Android with a number of minor improvements and new features we think the WeNano community will appreciate.

Visual Verification

Spot owners can activate visual verification which requires a photo or short video to verify that a user visited a Spot to receive a payout. The submitted photo or video can be both public in the chat or remain private between the user and the moderators of the Spot. Users can also share their visit on their favorite social media. …

It’s hard to imagine WeNano without Nano. We all know that our little fast and fee-less currency powers a lot of our current set of features, and that is just a small part of Nano’s role on the platform. In the early days of WeNano, there really wasn’t much to do other than hop in, collect Nano, and carry on.

However, one year later, everything has changed.

Hello again!

We’re writing this just over a month into 2021 and it’s looking like a lot of the crazy from last year has crossed over to this side of the holidays. Well, we’re here to tell you that one other thing that has carried into the new year is our drive to make the entire selection of WeNano apps and services better, while also introducing new bits and pieces to make the whole experiment a little more exciting. And we’re excited to announce our next little bit.


SpotMarket is a new way of customizing your Spot’s capabilities while

WeNano Community Update: 05 DEC, 2020

Hi all!

We’re back again with another community update to once again say thank you and to give you some insights into what we’ve been seeing in the days since our last update.

So first, a couple of quick hits. We’ve seen great growth all over the world, but 3 countries have really stood out:

Venezuela was an early adopter of the app and as such has a great network of Spots that has resulted in some great stories of people having been able to exchange their Nano payouts for daily essentials.

Nigeria has seen similar levels of engagement and usage and we are seeing small payouts being used for daily expenses, such as phone and internet access!

Brazil has seen the latest big boom in not just Spot creation but also SpotChat engagement and WeNano Business creation. Localized publications are picking up on the excitement as well:

And of course, our worst-kept secret Easter egg has been the source of a lot of excitement. The ISS Spot has the most SpotChat activity from around the globe, and thanks to a few enthusiastic user campaigns, it’s also the Spot with the most donations! This is just one example of the type of dynamic Spots that we would like to play around with. Keep an eye out for other little experiments that might pop up.

We would also like to chime in with some tips based on some of the feedback we’ve been getting from our users:

1. Secure your seed! We cannot retrieve lost seeds for you. Your seed is both your WeNano account and your WeNano wallet. Secure it!

2. Teleporting to a chat lets you engage with users in that Spot’s area via SpotChat but it doesn’t qualify you for payouts from that Spot. In order to receive payouts you will still have to meet the proximity requirements and any other requirements laid out by the Spot creator.

3. Set up your Zone. Setting up your Zone gives other users and businesses a very general idea of where there are active users in the world. It encourages prospective Spot creators to set up Spots near you if they see a Zone that is lacking in Spots.

4. In SpotChats we have a “pinch to view” feature where you can do a two finger pinch on the chat to change focus between chat content and chat background. Chat backgrounds currently default to the Spot location on the map but they are customizable by the Spot owners.

Lastly, we wanted to drop some stats:

- Our total user count is right around 10k and growing.

- Of those, we see that about 50% are active.

- More than 2.5k Spots have been made since launch, which have done over 22,540 payouts, resulting in over 12,000 Nano being distributed around the world. All fast, all feeless, all eco friendly.

The platform’s growth shows no signs of slowing down and that’s in big part due to the amazing community we have backing us up. Let’s keep it going! Tell your friends and family. Walk them through the app and help them earn their first Nano. We’ll be here to help you help them.

Until the next update, adiós!

— WeNano Team

Hi everyone! We’re back again with another community update that we are especially excited to share with you.

Since the first days of WeNano, we knew that this platform was meant to be more than just a Nano distribution tool. We knew that tying a digital currency payout to physical space was not only an exciting prospect but also only the beginning of what could be done to make our digital world more informed by our physical world. In our continued journey to help build the digitally enhanced society focused on our everyday interactions with commerce, culture, and community, we…

WeNano Community Update — 01 Oct, 2020

We wanted to take a moment to update you with the current state of WeNano, and to highlight WeNano’s past, present, and future.


We chose to send out our update today in an effort to commemorate the launch of the original Nano (Raiblocks) Captcha faucets that launched on 01 October, 2015. This method of distribution is just one of the things that made Nano stand out in its earliest days. Five years later, WeNano’s first experiment has been revisiting the idea of distribution using the unique properties of Nano. Spots allow any user…

We are very excited to announce that WeNano users can now buy Nano right within WeNano with MoonPay.

It is available for both Android and iOS today; you can purchase using a credit card or Apple Pay (iOS). Unfortunately, for the time being, MoonPay does not offer Nano for those in the US.

We strongly believe that allowing new users to quickly and easily buy their first batch of Nano is a feature that is essential for WeNano to succeed. Accordingly, we are very happy to now have this option in the hands of our users today!

A huge thanks…

We are excited to tell you about the stuff we have been working on for WeNano the last few months, and that is now live on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The full version of WeNano is now on Android as an open beta

Finally, Android users can start connecting with each other and iOS users and experience all of the great and innovative features of WeNano.

WeNano on Play Store

Instead of recapping all of them here, we recommend you to read up on our announcement post back when we released WeNano on iOS.

We have done extensive testing already, and are now excited to open it up as…

Rethinking Digital Money, for businesses

WeNano Business is a new app for businesses with a physical location. It is an app for businesses that want to promote themselves in a new and exciting way, which connects them with their customers like they haven’t done before.

WeNano Business integrates tightly with WeNano, the steadily growing social wallet for the digital currency Nano that we introduced earlier this year. Nano is a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, but with several improvements; In addition to being secure and decentralized, it is completely fee-less, instant, and environmentally friendly.

Why is this important, though? We believe that…

Hi! We are happy to let you know that WeNano Light for Android is now up on the Google Play Store. As the name implies, this is a lighter version of the WeNano app for iOS that was released a couple of months ago. The sole focus of this version has been to allow people to get payouts from Spots. The other additional feature is that the map also displays Shops. There are a couple of reasons why we have decided to release a lighter version for Android.

  1. Time. We really wanted to get all those Spots placed all over…


Rethinking Digital Money

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